The Decision Matrix

Welcome to the Decision Matrix which has been designed to ensure that you find the most appropriate Route for your requirements. Please ensure that you fully consider all questions throughout the Decision Matrix to ensure you find the correct Route.

Before you proceed please ensure that you have your Organisation's authority to procure goods and or services on their behalf.

Before You Proceed

  • Is a purchase essential?
  • Have alternative demand management options been considered, where appropriate?
  • Is there a robust and approved business case / budget?
Can you use an existing Contract / Framework Agreement in accordance with its terms & conditions?
Use Contract / Framework Agreement
Before using an existing framework agreement, organisations are advised to consider very carefully what reassurance it offers regarding both legal compliance and value for money. For further guidance, please consult the Framework Agreement page. In some cases you may still need to develop a strategy and determine the appropriate steps of the Procurement Journey to take.
Use the Decision Matrix to determine the appropriate Procurement Route.

Decision Matrix

These notes are intended to provide guidance for determining the appropriate Procurement Journey. If you are in any doubt of which route to use please contact your Procurement Department or Centre of Expertise (CoE). This decision is based on the balance of the costs and risks associated with your procurement exercise (please be aware of internal governance arrangements).

For Care and Support Services, please consider the Specific Considerations and Rules for C&SS Contracts.

1. Estimated Value of Requirement

What is the anticipated total spend over the lifetime of this requirement including any extensions excl. VAT?

e.g. whole life cost, ongoing cost, support costs, etc.

Check OJEU thresholds

2. Potential Risk

What is the level of risk associated with the delivery of this

Your Procurement Journey Route is

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