Design Contest

Special rules apply to the award of service contract through a design contest.  A design contest, in this context, means a procedure in which a Service contract is to be awarded to the company or person submitting the winning design. In summary:

  • Design contests are procedures for obtaining plans or designs, which involve a jury. The jury is autonomous in making its decisions, and can offer prizes or payments, which may lead to the award of a services contract.
  • The rules apply to contests which are expected to lead to public service contracts, the value of which, including the value of any prizes or payments for the contest, means that they would otherwise be subject to the regulations.

Where the rules of the contest require a services contract to be awarded to the successful contestant or one of the successful contestants, the negotiated procedure can be used without a call for competition, provided all the successful contestants are invited to negotiate the contract. Some examples can be found under Glasgow Design Competitions.

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