Procurement Representation

Procurement representation is a reflection of how well the Procurement Function’s responsibilities are defined, and how effective their activity is throughout the entire Organisation.

It is important that Procurement is recognised as a distinct function (even if it is just one individual's responsibility) and that, in addition to driving down cost and increasing service efficiencies, it should also play a substantial role in wider Organisational strategic initiatives and Forums.

Ideally the Procurement Function should have its own specific Head/Leader, who is a member of the Organisation’s senior management/senior peer group, who will drive procurement activity and awareness throughout the Organisation.  

Procurement must be engaged and represented at all levels throughout the Organisation, from grass roots through key stakeholders / steering groups to Organisation's Board (or equivalent), with Procurement being discussed regularly (if not a standing agenda item).

The Procurement Function ideally should participate in external collaborative initiatives e.g. with Centre’s of Excellence, to increase its own profile whilst increasing its knowledge of Procurement best practice.

By being represented appropriately throughout the Organisation, and externally, Procurement will have the necessary level of engagement to allow it to stretch beyond savings and become a centre of value creation for the whole Organisation, whilst increasing the understanding of Procurement and its activities throughout other Organisational functions, promoting multi-functional working.