The PCIP Assessment is Changing!

The Procurement Commercial Improvement Programme (PCIP) has undertaken a significant review over the past 18 months, involving collaboration with each Scottish procurement sector via senior leaders and PCIP assessor team levels.

Using the feedback you have provided via your Centre of Expertise (COE) representatives, a new, more efficient PCIP hybrid approach will be employed for most Cycle 3 assessments.

Given the current environment  faced by public sector procurement the PCIP project board are conscious of the pressures faced by each sector and the constraints on resource and timelines.  As a result we have identified key areas where capability must be assessed in line with legislation and where there are genuine opportunities to support organisational and procurement development.  Targeting these areas will also ensure that relevant support is available to you and procurement in Scotland evidences best practice.

 You will identify a number of features in the new Hybrid PCIP model for cycle 3 including:

  • The option to reduce the number of questions being assessed
  • simplified question content and
  • updated key deliverable areas which relate to current procurement commitments.

The assessment has now been separated into the following:

Question Type

Number of Q’s

Further Information

Mandatory questions

11 Questions

These questions will be answered nationally across all sectors and organisations.

COE Discretion

9 Questions

This will be at CoE discretion and will be decided upon/communicated prior to your assessments beginning.

Not Required

4 Questions

These questions will no longer be asked but will remain in the assessment document to allow any full assessments to take place where required/desired.


PCIP Cycle 3 will begin an extensive roll-out programme as follows:

  • Full and Medium assessments will take place between September 2022 – March 2023.
  • Lite assessments will follow, with a Lite assessment review in early 2022

Regular, ongoing communications will follow from your respective sector and central government channels with additional information.

Some supporting guidance and documents are now available on the Procurement Journey for the new PCIP hybrid approach for Cycle 3, and these will be regularly updated with FAQ’s / further information over the coming weeks.