By using project plans, it is possible to manage the development and implementation of the strategy. The UIG should work with the Commodity/Service Manager and complete a project report. The frequency of reporting may vary from organisation to organisation and project to project depending on issues such as:

  • The risk and complexity of the project
  • The structure and culture of the organisation

Planning is a continual process and you should use lessons learned to inform your current and future plans.

Procurement Journey Project Plan based around the Procurement Journey is available for your use in both Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint versions below.

Review and Sign-off points

The project plan should include review points as necessary. There are natural break points within the Procurement Journey that can be used as review points for sign off and approval to proceed to the next stage of the process. Suggested review and sign off points are:

  • At project initiation
  • After initial opportunity assessment
  • For approval of strategy including budget
  • For approval of OJEU, ESPD and/or ITT
  • At contract award stage
  • At implementation stage

Any review and agreement to the project plan should be subject to your organisation's governance arrangements.

For high risk, business critical projects a more formal review process may be required. In simple terms, it is a review of an acquisition programme or procurement project carried out at a key decision point by a team of experienced people, independent of the project team.

As an example, the Cabinet Office (formerly the Office of Government Commerce (OGC)) have a Gateway Review process. This is outside the scope of this Procurement Journey, however if you believe that your project could benefit from using the gateway review process, more information is available from Gateway Review.

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