Procurement and Commercial Improvement Programme

The Procurement & Commercial Improvement Programme (PCIP) replaces the previous Procurement Capability Assessment (PCA).

This PCIP focuses on the policies and procedures driving procurement performance and, more importantly, the results they deliver.

The new regime will continue to assess organisations by measuring and reporting on their levels of procurement delivery through the provision of evidence, based around a series of set questions and other evaluation methods.  However the PCIP is not comparable to the previous Procurement Capability Assessment.

Some key changes are:

  • The PCIP now includes Full, Medium and Lite Assessments.The assessment to be used will be dependent on several factors, as assessed by the appropriate Centre of Expertise.

  • New question sets, scoring and performance bandings.

  • The provision of specific requested evidence at least six weeks before the PCIP assessment day, as well as on the assessment day itself.

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