Route 1 - Contract Management

The supplier's performance should be managed throughout the lifetime of the contract and you should ensure that the goods/services are delivered in line with the performance or service level expectations i.e. quality/service/cost/delivery identified in the original quotation.

You should manage the contract to ensure that the supplier delivers as per your contractual requirements.

Variations to the Brief or extensions to the period of the original quotation may result in a situation where a new procurement process becomes necessary. Variations/extensions are an exception and should be kept to a minimum. They should only take place where the changes that you make would not materially alter the original contract. Where a significant change to the contract scope, value or duration is proposed you must contact your local Procurement Function/CoE.

You may wish to conduct a review of the contract on its completion or a 'lessons learned' process to identify what went right and what could be improved for future quotation processes. It is worthwhile involving the supplier in this review, however it must be recognised that any such information could be subject to a freedom of information request. Care should therefore be taken to ensure any information held is entirely objective in its nature.

Organisations should build into their contract management activities sufficient checks to ensure suppliers are meeting their obligations under the new Data Protection Legislation. 

If obligations are not being met, organisations should take urgent remedial action with the supplier to address issues and risks.

More detailed information on GDPR can be found in Leadership & Governance

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  • A documented contract management process is in place

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