Route 1 - Prepare Quotation Documents

The Invitation to Quote Goods/Services template is a guide and should be used as applicable. These may be amended to suit your requirements. Your completed Brief and your Organisation's Terms and Conditions of contract for the purchase of goods and/or services should be attached. It is important to ensure that you include your evaluation criteria - including weightings - in the Brief . Please use/attach your local Terms and Conditions where appropriate or if you are unsure please contact your local Procurement Function, CoE or legal advisors.

Any other information that may affect a supplier's quote should also be included in the Invitation to Quote document. You should use the Quick Quote facility on the PCS website wherever possible when seeking quotations, ensuring you include the documents above.

If your Organisation does not use Quick Quote, you may alternatively seek quotes in writing or by e-mail.

Suppliers may ask questions about the Invitation to Quote document and as a result you may wish to issue further information or clarification not contained within the original document. If you have issued any clarifications, you should communicate all questions, answers and clarifications in writing to all suppliers. This can be via the bulletin board within 'Quick Quote' or by e-mail. Care should be taken to remove all commercially sensitive information in this process e.g. names of suppliers, etc.

You should keep to your original timescales identified in your Brief document, however, in exceptional circumstances you may choose to consider extending the deadline for receipt of quotations. Remember to communicate this to all suppliers if you do so. It is advised that you consult with your local Procurement Function/CoE for further guidance.

The time limit for quotation responses should reflect the complexity of the requirement, but should be sufficient for the supplier to make a considered response.

Before carrying on, please check you've got everything you need.

  • Agreed and objective evaluation criteria prior to Invitation to Quote
  • Sign off from technical expert and senior management on evaluation criteria
  • Names of those who will support the answer of supplier's technical or commercial questions

Any documents you need are listed below:

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