Route 1 - Start

Route 1 is designed to reflect the legal requirement to ensure all Scottish public sector procurement is undertaken in an open, objective and equitable manner.

You should consider whether your requirement could be met through an existing national, sector led, local or UK wide framework or contract (check with your local Procurement Function or Centre of Expertise if you are in doubt).

When selecting suppliers to submit quotations, it is worthwhile remembering that a diverse range of organisations - whether multi-national companies, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), social enterprises or third sector bodies - may be ideally placed to provide innovative solutions to meet Scottish public sector requirements and to deliver value for money, either individually or as part of a group.

Note: the contract value is the total value of the contract, excluding VAT, over the entire lifetime of the contract. Requirements must not be 'split' into contracts of lower value, or contracts reduced in duration, to avoid the need to advertise/conduct a full tender exercise.

A file for this process should be kept for any future audit. You should ensure you are familiar with your Organisation's document retention policy and any guidance which may impact on the project prior to seeking quotations. It should be noted that purchases of goods and services may routinely be the subject of Freedom of Information requests.

This process should not be used where advertising is required. Where advertising is necessary, the requirement should be formally tendered. If you require to advertise a contract please contact your local Procurement Function or Centre of Expertise (CoE).

Before carrying on, please check you have everything you need.

  • Budgetary sign off
  • Identify individuals with relevant experience to evaluate responses

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