Route 2 - Contract Award - Award

You can award the contract once you have followed the previous process and obtained any internal approvals your organisation's governance requires.

The contract documentation should be collated and finalised to reflect the successful tenderer’s submission and agreed terms and conditions. Where required, the documentation must be signed in duplicate by the appropriate authority levels in both the contracting and tenderer's organisations.

You must consider who you need to inform when a contract has been awarded and the information they will require e.g. notify stakeholders and users of the contract award providing them with timescales, details of the contract and any migration considerations. Many organisations have a governance process which requires internal approval to be obtained before the contract is awarded to a supplier.

If utilising PCS-Tender, the Contract Award must be activated on the system. Please note that this does not generate correspondence to the tenderers and this should still be issued by the Procurement Officer. The Contract Award Notice should also be created on Public Contracts Scotland.

If the contract involves cyber risks, and you are using the beta Scottish Cyber Assessment Service (SCAS), please ensure you select the successful tenderer in the SCAS tool to allow your organisation to manage overall cyber risks.

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