Route 2 - Contract Implementation - Buyer/End User Information Packs

You may wish to create an information pack for any organisations and/or users which can contain key information about the use of the contract including:

  • details of the goods and services available through the contract
  • prices
  • supplier contact details
  • ordering information
  • returns/complaints/escalation process
  • contract and supplier management process

This information pack should also demonstrate how the contract delivers best value and provides information relating to the benefits of the contract e.g. savings, KPIs, improvements in quality and service, etc.

A sample of an information pack is provided: Postal Services example. This is a very detailed example and every information pack must be proportionate to the size and complexity of the procurement, therefore your information pack may well be much smaller in size.

Any documents you need are listed below:

Postal Services Example (file type: doc)

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