Route 2 - Contract Implementation - Communication

Below are the key considerations for communicating the contract.  These should be considered in your communications plan.


Having completed all of the vital work to get the procurement to the point of award it is essential that it be communicated effectively. Communication of the Contract Award and the subsequent procedures are an essential element of ensuring compliance and maximisation of the planned benefit of the procurement exercise.


It is essential to know who it is that you are targeting with your communications. During the strategy development phase you should have identified all key stakeholders from suppliers to end users. It is important that you consider the communications in terms of the three areas below, for each of the identified stakeholder groups.


What is your communication about? Be clear on and decide your key and supporting messages. Ensure that the subject is appropriate for the correct audience (stakeholder group) and ensure that the communication stays focused on the appropriate subject, what they need to know and what is expected of them.


You should plan and consider the timing of your communications carefully, in line with the implementation process discussed previously. It is important that communications arrive in good time and allow for the audience to digest the information and to then act upon or respond within the timescales. Communication should not only take place at the start and end of the process but should be undertaken periodically.


You must fully consider how you are going to communicate to your audience, some of the activities you will undertake are described more fully further along this process e.g. buyer/end user information packs, supplier / buyer events. You may also wish to consider (but not limited to):

  • Newsletters
  • Intranet/internet article
  • e-zines
  • e-mail
  • Roadshows

Your communication method should be determined by the stakeholder audience you are targeting e.g. e-mail for a small targeted group, newsletter for a stakeholder community, internet for a public audience, and should take account of any accessibility needs of your audience. This is intended as a guide rather than being prescriptive.

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