Route 2 - Open & Evaluate Tender - Evaluation Tools

The Evaluation Matrix is a tool that can be used to identify the best value for money proposal taking account of both qualitative and financial criteria.

As a matter of good practice, no member of the evaluation panel should assess both the quality/technical elements and the commercial elements of the tender.

The price criteria worksheet considers the whole life cost of the project in terms of acquisition, operating and end of life costs. Crown Commercial Services (formerly OGC Buying Solutions) have developed a Total Cost of Ownership Calculator for PCs, Laptops and Monitors to calculate all the costs associated with the ownership of the equipment, which can then be entered into the evaluation matrix.

Note that all formulae are embedded within the template therefore you only need to enter the values. The spreadsheet is based on a scoring methodology of 0-4, if an alternative range is more appropriate for your procurement exercise the formula for the weighted score will have to be amended.

If PCS-Tender is being utilised, percentage scoring is required and the weightings input onto the system therefore the Evaluation Matrix is not required.

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