Route 2 - Supplier Selection

This section of the Procurement Journey provides the Procurement Officer with guidance on completing the 'Selection Stage' of the tendering process as outlined in the Selection Criteria station.

The guidance found in this area of the Procurement Journey centres around the use of the ESPD (Scotland) to assess the resources and capability of suppliers which express interest in the published Contract Notice.

The ESPD (Scotland) should be used:

  • Within PCS-T if being used for your tender process;
  • Through the online ESPD (Scotland) Module on PCS;
  • By downloading the word document available here and tailoring to your procurement exercise

If using the online ESPD (Scotland) Module on PCS, the ESPD should be built within the Module and the related ITT uploaded separately as an attachment within the Contract Notice.

In addition to being able to employ a formal and separate two stage process, where you elect to use a one stage procurement exercise you should also use ESPD (Scotland) questions within tender documents as a means of assessing suppliers’ capability. Where this approach is used, it is important to note that your procurement documents must make a careful and transparent distinction between the exclusion, selection, and award criteria – including information for bidders explaining how the different questions and sections of the process will be assessed.

When bidder(s) are eliminated at selection stage in a two stage process, this template may be used.

[In case of Care and Support Services the provisions in Procurement (Scotland) Regulations 2016 in respect of selection criteria do not apply. However, you may choose to apply the selection criteria (regulation 10 of the Procurement (Scotland) Regulations 2016) and may choose to use the ESPD (Scotland) for this purpose without amending the questions, and it is a matter of best practice to do so.]

Consideration must also be given to Planning, Sustainable Procurement and Risk Management throughout this stage of the Journey.

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