Route 3 - Contract Award - Points to Remember

Points to Remember:

  • Tenderers are entitled to a written explanation of the reasons why their tender was unsuccessful.
  • Debriefing should be undertaken in line with Notification of Contract Award Decision station. Care must be taken to ensure that all information provided to a tenderer can be justified.
  • Where debriefing takes place it must be made clear to each tenderer that only their own tender will be discussed. Under no circumstances will such things as commercial terms, innovative ideas put forward by another tenderer be disclosed. The Briefing must be accurate and factual and consistent with information provided in the notices associated with the standstill period. You should not introduce new or conflicting reasons for the decision as part of the debriefing.
  • Debriefing meetings must be carefully planned and executed and only carried out by experienced personnel.
  • At the end of the debriefing meeting, tenderers should be asked if they have any comments on the Procurement Documents and the Procurement Exercise generally.
  • A record of the debriefing meeting must be made and placed on the appropriate registered file.

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