Route 3 - Develop Strategy - Profiling the Commodity/Service

For Care and Support Services please refer to Profiling the Service station

The profiling the commodity/service stage will help you to:

  • Understand and scope requirements to help ensure that they achieve the optimum combination of whole life costs and quality to meet the end user(s) requirement.
  • Identify any current contracts in existence and estimate the relative spend on the goods/services in question.
  • Use a sustainability test to help maximise the positive impact the procurement process can provide in terms of social, economic and environmental impact associated with the requirement. 
  • Where the contract value is estimated to be equal to or greater than £4,000,000 it is a requirement that you consider whether to impose community benefit requirements as part of the procurement.
  • Consider Commodity/Service Characteristics (does not apply to Care and Support Services).
  • Consider and investigate the extent to which fair work practices are relevant to the scope of requirements (Including Sub Contract requirements where relevant), and ensure inclusion in accordance with the Statutory Guidance on Addressing Fair Work Practices, including the Living Wage, in Procurement.
  • Assess the current state of the market and identify key players who could meet the requirements.
  • Assess the current market for opportunities such as the purchase of supplies or services labelled or certified as having specific environmental, social or other characteristics (e.g. fairly traded or equivalent).
  • Understand and integrate the current and future needs of the participating organisation(s) into the approach to market.
  • Identify any early opportunities to explore and provide options for meeting the requirements.
  • Identify any special conditions relating to the performance of the contract, such as economic, innovation-related, environmental, social or employment-related conditions, that should be included in the contract. These can be included as long as they are linked to the contract subject matter and proportionate.

If your procurement is of a Digital or ICT nature, consideration must be given to the Digital Public Services Scotland Programme.  This strategy sets out the collective ambititions and national level actions at sector, cluster or organisational level. Further standards and guidelines can be found in the ICT High Level Operating Model and the Digital First Service Standard.

As with all aspects of the Procurement Journey, the activities at this stage must be carried out in a carefully managed manner that complies with the Principles of Procurement in The Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015. As a minimum the processes must be carried out in a transparent and proportionate  way that ensures there is no distortion of the market and bidders must be treated equally and without discrimination. The outcome must not be a procurement that unduly favours or disadvantages a particular bidder. It is the responsibility of the Organisation to make sure that these requirements are met.

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