Route 3 - Issue ITT

This section of the Procurement Journey provides guidance about the tender stage of the process. Timescales for each procedure differ and are outlined in their respective stations.

You must offer on the internet unrestricted and full direct access, free of charge, to the Procurement Documents Tender documents from the date of publication of a Contract Notice, or, where a PIN has been used as a call for competition, the date on which the Invitation to Confirm Interest was sent.  For the Restricted Procedure only those suppliers who have passed the selection stage of the procedure will be allowed to tender.

As with all aspects of the Procurement Journey, the activities at this stage must be carried out in a carefully managed manner that supports the Principles of Procurement.  As a minimum, processes must be carried out in a transparent way that ensures no distortion of the marketplace, the outcome cannot be a procurement that unduly favours or disadvantages a particular bidder and it is the responsibility of the Organisation that these requirements are met.

Guidance on conduct is therefore contained within this section.

Consideration must also be given to Planning, Sustainable Procurement and Risk Management throughout the following stages of the Journey.


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