Route 3 - Open & Evaluate Tender

This stage of the Procurement Journey has become the subject of much scrutiny and criticism in recent years. The Freedom of Information Act (Scotland) 2002 has led to a notable increase in the amount of documentation relating to the evaluation of tenders and contract awards being released into the public domain and it is your duty to ensure that any procurement process can withstand such scrutiny.

As with all aspects of the Procurement Journey, the activities at this stage must be carried out in a carefully managed manner that supports the Principles of Procurement. As a minimum the evaluation must be carried out in a transparent way that ensures there is no distortion of the market place, the outcome cannot be a procurement that unduly favours or disadvantages a particular bidder and it is the responsibility of the Organisation to make sure that these requirements are met.

It is important that the evaluation of tenders use the criteria disclosed to tenderers. The assessment must be clear and robust in order to provide a full justification and audit trail for the resultant award decision.

Consideration must also be given to Planning, Sustainable Procurement and Risk Management throughout this stage of the Journey.

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