The European Threshold values, that are subject to the Public Contract (Scotland) Regulations 2015, changed on the 1st January.

The new values apply to all the procurements commenced on or after 1 January 2018. For further information see the Scottish Procurement Policy Note and the Summary of the EU Thresholds webpage.


The thresholds set out in the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act have not changed.


A new information page has been added to the Procurement Journey on Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS). This new page can be accessed from the “Additional Resources” block, which can be located both at the bottom of the home page and on the left hand side of station pages.


The Homepage has been updated to clarify that while the Construction Manual is being updated the Construction Procurement Policy Unit would be please to answer any questions. They can be contacted at: constructionprocurementreview@scotland.gsi.gov.uk


The Procurement Journey has been enhanced with new guidance on Demand Management. The update went live on the 20th October 2017, and the following pages contain new information:


The Procurement Journey has been updated on 24th July 2017 with:


A word version of the Strategy Development Pack has been published for Route 3 - Develop Strategy station on 6 July 2017.


An annual procurement report guidance and template document was added to the Procurement Journey on 26 May 2017. 

This complements the Guidance under the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 and provides further guidance on what must be included to meet legislative minimum requirements for the annual procurement report. 

The guidance and template has been added to the following station in the Procurement Journey Leadership & Governance section:


The Procurement Journey has been updated on 24th March 2017 as follows:

  • Guidance on the Procurement of Care and Support Services 2016 (C&SS) has been integrated throughout.

  • A new block on the left hand side has been created with links to guidance on the four stages of the commissioning cycle: Analyse, Plan, Do, and Review; and Specific Considerations & Rules for Care and Support Services Contracts.

  • Part 1 of C&SS guidance, which provides an introduction and context to these services has been added to Leadership and Governance.

  • Guidance on how to use the Contract Notice for below OJEU procurements (which will shortly be live on PCS) and the Social and other Specific Services Contract Notice for PCS has been provided.

Legal Obligations 

Decisions of the European Court of Justice and the national courts provide interpretation of the requirements of the EU Treaty and the EU Procurement Directives and can establish precedents which must be observed. Caselaw, by its nature, is constantly evolving and can have significant effects.

The legal framework is not static: it evolves through new/amended legislation, through European Commission decisions/guidelines and through court judgments. Every public body should therefore ensure that it has appropriate arrangements in place to ensure that staff involved in procurement activity are kept up to date with developments in the legal framework and are equipped to meet their legal obligations.

You may use and re-use the information featured on this website free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government Licence.


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