Fair Work Practices

Fair Work practices, including the real Living Wage in procurement

The Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 Statutory Guidance has been revised to include an updated chapter on Fair Work First.  This change reflects updates to Fair Work and the real Living Wage Policy and it can be found in the Scottish Government's Statutory Guidance.

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Please note: the content on Fair Work Practices in the Procurement Journey is currently undergoing a review. For further information on the real Living Wage please see the What is the real Living Wage information sheet, or refer to the Scottish Government’s Fair Work and Procurement webpage 

Please note that information on Fair Work First, which includes payment of the real Living Wage, can be found in SPPN 06/2021.

Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014: Statutory Guidance


You must have regard to the Statutory Guidance on how to evaluate fair work when selecting tenderers and awarding contracts


 Best Practice Guidance on Addressing Fair Work Practices, including the real Living Wage, in Procurement  


Practical Guidance on the key issues when addressing Fair Work in procurement exercises


Fair Work Practices in Procurement: Toolkit


Practical tools for organisations and suppliers to use at key stages of a procurement exercise:


The Best Practice Guidance and Toolkit is also embedded throughout various, relevant stations in the Procurement Journey to allow Procurement Officers to address Fair Work practices where relevant and proportionate throughout the procurement process and into the Contract & Supplier Management process.

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