EU Exit and Procurement Journey Changes

The UK has left the EU and as a result the trading transition period ended at 11 p.m. on 31 December 2020.

Most procurement processes and procedures have not changed (please refer to SPPN 11/2020 for more information).  However references to the EU and EU procurement legislation, as well as links to external websites, are being updated or removed from the Procurement Journey where appropriate. 

This is a period of change and the Procurement Journey will continue to be updated with new developments throughout 2021.  To ensure you do not miss any further updates, please register to receive free Procurement Journey email alerts by going to Notify Me of Changes.

As always, you should make sure that you get support from your own legal advisers when undertaking procurement activities where new or modified legislation applies.

Please send any queries you have to

Route 1


  • Unregulated procurements under £50k
  • Not repetitive or specialist

Route 2


  • Regulated procurements
  • Between £50k and the GPA threshold

Route 3


  • Regulated procurements
  • GPA threshold and above

How Do I Use the Procurement Journey?

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Current Scottish Government information on Brexit.