Route 2


This Route of the Procurement Journey provides guidance for regulated procurements, as defined in the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 which are between £50k and the OJEU Threshold for goods and services.

Route 2 is designed for use by Procurement Officers for supplies and services. It does not apply to construction (works). If this guidance does not apply to you please contact your local Procurement Function or Centre of Expertise.

[Where a contract includes a mix of services, the categorisation of the contract into a Care and Support Contract will likely depend on whether the majority of the cost of the contract is for those services. Where the cost is made up of more than 50% of those services, then the contract will be a Care and Support Services contract and vice versa. For contracts valued between £50,000 and OJEU Threshold for social services. (i.e. contracts below the EU-regulated contract threshold) where the cost of the services is evenly split (i.e. 50-50), the contract is deemed to be a Care and Support Services Contract.]

Route 2 is not intended to replace training and it is assumed that individuals will have been trained in The Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014, the procurement cycle and any applicable local procurement policies, guidelines and governance arrangements.

The main objectives of this route are:

  • To provide a step-by-step guide to conducting a route 2 procurement exercise
  • To provide a set of guides and templates that can be used to collate and analyse the data required when conducting the procurement exercise
  • To standardise the public sector procurement process across organisations
  • To highlight the minimum legal and policy obligations involved at each stage of the process

In any procurement process, the key roles of budget holder and Procurement Officer should not be performed by the same individual. For more information please see the Scottish Procurement Policy Handbook (currently being updated).

Consideration must be given to Planning, Sustainable Procurement and Risk Management throughout the Journey and records should be kept for audit purposes.  It should be noted that purchases of goods and services are routinely the subject of Freedom of Information requests. All Route 2 Procurement Exercises must be conducted in line with any relevant requirements laid out in your Organisation’s Procurement Strategy.

Please ensure the guidance is used in conjunction with the internal governance and procedures for your organisation. Please be aware that where the term 'commodity' is used, this can equally refer to services.

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