Route 1


This Route for the Procurement Journey should only be used by individuals who are authorised to procure for their Organisation. The Route provides guidance for procurements of relatively low value, low risk and a non repetitive nature. Route 1 should only be used for procurements with a value under £50k.

If your procurement does not fall within this description or you do not have the authority to procure, contact your Procurement Function or Centre of Expertise (CoE).

Route 1 has been designed to be used by staff across the Scottish public sector who have a requirement and are authorised by their Organisation to conduct low value/low risk/non repetitive procurement for goods or services. It is not necessary for staff using these processes to have extensive purchasing training, however it is assumed that individuals who are authorised to procure for their organisation have an awareness of EU Regulations and any applicable local procurement policies, guidelines and governance arrangements. We have tried to ensure that the toolkit has been written in clear and concise language.

The main objectives of the toolkit are:

  • To provide a step-by-step guide to conduct a low value procurement exercise
  • To provide a set of guides and templates that can be used to collate and analyse the data required when conducting the purchasing exercise
  • To standardise the Scottish public sector procurement process across organisations for lower value procurements
  • To highlight the minimum legal and policy obligations involved at each stage of the process

Before you commence your Procurement Journey please consider the following points:

  1. Is the product/service you are buying business critical?
  2. Is there a significant risk to your Organisation's reputation or ability to deliver if something went wrong with what you are buying?
  3. Is the estimated value of the goods/services you are buying more than £50,000 over the lifetime of the contract?  (for example £10,000 per year over three years is a £30,000 contract) or does your Organisation have a lower advertising threshold (this information will be held with your Finance Department or Procurement Function).

If you have answered 'yes' to any of these questions please contact your local Procurement Function or CoE before proceeding.

Now you are ready to begin Route 1 of the Procurement Journey. Please ensure this guidance is used in conjunction with the internal governance structure of your Organisation.

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