Evaluation Tools

The Evaluation Matrix is a tool that can be used to evaluate submitted bids and identify the one that provides the best value for money. The matrix allows you to score and weight supplier’s responses against the predefined award criteria.

Whilst the evaluation is a key part of determining the outcome of your procurement exercise, you must remember that the outcome of any evaluation is ultimately dependent on the award criteria and weightings that you choose. Therefore, it is key that this criteria accurately describes your need and any minimum requirements that stakeholders need.

The workbook is split into two main worksheets – price and quality criteria.  The price criteria worksheet considers the whole life cost of the project in terms of acquisition, operating and end of life costs.

To maintain the integrity of the process, it is best practice that members of the evaluation panel do not assess both the quality/technical elements and the commercial elements of the tender.

The model was developed in conjunction with statisticians and has been confirmed as fit for purpose in most procurement exercises.  However, as you will be aware, the Procurement Journey does not cover works contracts and we would not recommend it for this use.  If you require any further information on the evaluation of works contracts, you should consult the Construction Procurement Handbook.

Points to Note

  • All formulae are embedded within the template, therefore you only need to enter the values
  • The spreadsheet is based on a scoring methodology of 0-4
  • If an alternative range is more appropriate for your procurement exercise the formula for the weighted score will have to be amended
  • If PCS-Tender is being used, percentage scoring is required and the weightings input onto the system therefore the Evaluation Matrix is not required

Any documents you need are listed below

Evaluation Matrix

(file type: xlsx)