Step 3(a): Advanced Information

Some Advance Information will be requested by the assessor ahead of the agreed PCIP Assessment Day.  Further information is listed below:


There are a selection of questions that will be assessed prior to the Assessment Day.

The Centre of Expertise (CoE) for your respective sector will be able to offer specific guidance on what information is required for your assessment.


The purpose of requesting Advance Information is to streamline the "on the day" assessment process.

Having information in advance of the assessment day will allow assessors to:

  • score some of the assessment questions prior to the assessment day itself and
  • ask any final clarifications on the assessment day, if necessary

The Advance Information will be requested by the assessor at least 6 weeks prior to the assessment day.


The assessment of the provided Advance Information will take place off-site.

Any final clarifications should be made on the assessment day.

Types of Advance Information

There will be 2 types of Advance Information requested:

1. Information Selected by the Assessor

This is a request for specific tender or contract information selected by the assessor e.g. the exit strategy from contract SLC06-2014 awarded to John Smith & Son.

2. Information Selected by the Organisation This is a request for specific information/evidence which is less prescriptive and can be selected by the organisation e.g. provide evidence of a supplier improvement plan.

Public Procurement Rules in Scotland

The question set and evidence requested includes a number of legal requirements.  These inclusions do not reflect all legislative requirements  but offer a sample for assessment purposes.

If an organisation fails to meet any of the legal requirements, they will receive a "fail" for the assessment.

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