Competitive Procedure with Negotiation - with Publication of a Prior Information Notice

 Organisations may decide to use a PIN as a means of reducing timescales.

  1. The PIN must be dispatched between 35 days and 12 months prior to dispatching the Contract Notice.
  2. You must allow at least 30 days from the dispatch of the Contract Notice for bidders to submit their selection stage documents.
  3. After inviting the appropriate bidders to submit their initial tenders, a minimum of 10 days needs to elapse from the invitation to tender to the deadline for receipt of tenders.
  4. The same rules apply to the negotiation phase as without publishing a PIN, i.e. you may choose to award the contract based on the initial tenders (if this option was included in the Contract Notice or the invitation to confirm interest). All the tenderers must be made aware of the rules for negotiations i.e. how the negotiation will be conducted.  There is no set timescale for the negotiation.