Step 4: Assessment Day - Full


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The Assessment Day will consist of 4 steps, listed below:

1. The organisation will be assessed against the questions and levels found below;

Please note:  Organisations must achieve all requirements of Level 1 before they can be assessed at Level 2, all the requirements of Level 2 before they can be assessed at Level 3 and so on.

2. Any clarifications required of the pre-assessment and advance information will be discussed;

3. Any clarifications required of the Dashboard will be discussed;

4.  Closing summary and completion of assessment scoring and agree the next steps.

An Information Bank has been compiled providing suggestions of possible evidence for each question. Please note, this is a list of possible evidence and acts to serve as a guide only.  It is not an exhaustive list of all possible evidence.

The Glossary may be used to clarify procurement-specific terminology, if required.


Half Points

A half point may be awarded for a particular question where an organisation has only very narrowly missed out on attaining a level.

The assessor will be required to fully document which part of the level the organisation did not achieve. 

A half point should only be allocated where the assessor and the organisation has confidence that the level will be achieved at the next assessment. 

Organisations should not target half points as they will only be awarded where the above criteria can be met.

The Full Assessment question set can be found here: Full Assessment


Full Assessment Performance Bandings        

The table below details the Performance Band which will be awarded to organisations based on their assessment percentage score:

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Any documents you need are listed below:

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PCIP Glossary (file type: xlsm)

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