Quickfire Guide - Award Criteria Examples - Route 2 & Route 3

Some examples of award criteria are given below:

Quality/Technical Merit

Is the product or service proposed fit for purpose? How well does it perform?

Design, functional characteristics and aesthetics

How should the product look and feel?  How easy is it to use?

Sustainable Procurement 

Economic, social and environmental considerations including community benefits and Fair Work Practices. See Sustainable Procurement Tools.

Prompt Payment Where sub-contractors are utilised, the Prompt Payment Award statement should be included


where appropriate - e.g. new or novel concept?

Maintenance, ongoing technical support or after sales service

What support is required and available?

Delivery or period of completion

the guaranteed turnaround time from order to delivery or provision of service


The whole life cost including the initial purchase price, operating costs, consumables and disposal costs. How cost effective will the goods/service prove to be?

Life-Cycle Costing

this may be considered for use where additional environmental costs can be attributed to the products or services that you are purchasing, e.g. the cost of carbon emissions from machinery being bought


does the product or service you seek have specific social or environmental characteristics that would be verified by a label such as Fairtrade (please note that equivalent labels or other proof must also be accepted)?

Test reports and certification

may be requested – note that equivalents from other member states must be accepted

Cyber  Cyber resilience - see the Guidance Note on Supplier Cyber Security NB: if the minimum cyber security requirements form part of award criteria, ensure you comply with the Minimum Standards guidance.

Staff experience

Organisations may also evaluate the organisation, qualification and experience of staff ‘where the quality of staff assigned can have a significant impact on the level of performance of the contract’.