New PCS Innovation Questions in Existing Contract Notices

When creating a Contract Notice in Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) for a regulated procurement you will now need to answer two new questions which are:

    Quickfire Guide

    Quickfire Guide

    New PCS Innovation Questions

    • With reference to ensuring this procurement meets the sustainable procurement duty, before carrying out this regulated procurement, have you considered how in conducting the procurement process it could promote innovation?
    • Are “innovative” works, supplies or services being bought?

    Both of these questions are checkbox answers where you will respond with a Yes or No.

    Please note that these questions are not published on PCS and are used for reporting purposes only.


    Highlighting innovation within public sector contracts is important for a number of reasons:

    • it allows organisations to report on the creation of innovative goods and services
    • by reporting on innovation, it provides the potential to commercially scale opportunities
    • by understanding contracts for innovative goods and services it will allow other organisations to learn and benefit from the work of others
    • it highlights the Sustainable Procurement Duty to promote innovation before a regulated procurement is carried out

    The next page includes information on the Research, Pilot and Innovation Register.